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“.. and they life happily married there after…”
This is how many fairy-tales end. What is often forgotten about is the “living together” is only just starting and is not always fairy-like. In every relationship there are moments of tension, irritation or quarrel, but you might think that this is more serve in yours: more quarrels, more tension and more problems. Quarrels about raising kids, proper proportion work versus free time, financial expenditure, how to split domestic tasks, about friends, sex, or …. It’s important not to ignore these problems, but to try to resolve them early on.

What can I do for you?
We could mutually establish where it all started, what the foundation was of your relationship, what was good and what did not work out. During this process, I will assist you to rediscover each other again and eventually learn to better understand one another, to start dating, and learn to improve communication. This is a difficult and very personal process, but certainly worth to work it in cooperation with you.