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When you are confronted with a shocking experience, it can turn your life upside down. You could think about a sudden passing away off your father, mother, partner, child, friend or girlfriend, being confronted with a dreadful sickness or physical limitation, a broken marriage, a criminal offence or a traffic accident. These are all impactful occasions that have the potential to significantly shock your life and affect you emotional or physical well being. Fear, anger, shame, guild, lack of understanding can lead to hyperventilation, heart palpitation and abdominal pain. These emotions can very quickly replace each other and can be considered as very intense and razor-sharp and feel like they will never fade away.

How could you pick-up your activities and continue to life?
As professional Grieving Counselor, I know grieving processes are not straightforward. Often we chose to ignore and continue as per usual without giving ourselves the time to ask/acquire support. Hence, I do recommend you to not omit this step. Take your time. One of the ways to do this is to talk about it and create steadiness in your feelings. Take your time to grieve about your loved ones, to adopt your lifestyle to the new situation. I can support you to find a way out of this state of affairs.