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What do you see when you watch in the mirror? Do you see someone that you like, appreciate and trust? Or do you see someone that only makes mistakes, is limited and is full of failures? You are not alone. Many people have difficulty to spot the good things in one self.

How is this possible?
There are various possible root causes: your upbringing, relationships, social issues or (resent) experiences. One thing is for sure, your self-esteem and self-confidence has started to develop at an early age. As a child we learned to ensure we catered for our basic needs: food, cloth and above all love, security and acceptance. When these basic needs were not (sufficiently) catered for, we have adopted ourselves to get what we so badly require.

As a child you do not have the ability of full self-reflection and quickly believe it’s you that is making the mistakes. This translates into feelings of fear, shame and sometimes even guild. You could potentially be carrying these feelings with you for the rest of your life, those that you cannot get ride off.