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Apprehension and fear are healthy natural reactions that protect you against danger around you. It can also start from within yourself, for example being afraid to be left alone or to fail in activities you are diligently undertaking, or to disappoint others. These fears are healthy and natural. On the contrary, fear and anxiety can also become very unhealthy. If you experience many of these apprehensive moments it might hamper your quality of life. These fears are neither healthy nor natural. It affects your daily rhythm, your work and your social life, the way to think and feel. It’s often your feeling of embarrassment that is making it very difficult to talk about it and/or your self confidence is rock bottom and you do not have a clue how to stop this.

What can I do for you?
We are jointly going to establish the characteristics of your fears and will together determine the root course(s). Specifically what you are frightened off and how you are showing your anxiety. Collectively we will discuss your experiences, your feelings, behavior and dependant on your circumstances we will discontinue certain practices.