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Welcome to Metanoia - Practice for Psychosocial treatments

We all have experienced that life is not only about highlights, but it also knows quite some lowlights:
  • because work sucks…
  • obecause your relationship is under pressure;
  • because your spent outweighs your income;
  • because one of your close relatives is terminally sick or has just passed away;
  • because you don’t like the face in the mirror;
  • because you experience pushback;
  • omdat het gewoon allemaal even niet meezit;
  • because…

In these circumstances you might be longing for assistance. Somebody to assist you to move away from these lowlight and points you towards the highlights. I would love to assist you on this journey.
As the name Metanoia is eluding too: new insights, thoughts or experiences translate into you finding and renewing your courage that allow you to make renewed choices. Change your life!

Types of treatments

Who am I?

Donja van’t Zet

Donja van’t Zet, I am married and have 3 children. For the last 7 years I provide counseling and therapy sessions in the safe and comfortable surroundings of my home office.

After my initial career in Banking, I have been living overseas with my family. Back in The Netherlands, I have made a conscious choice to assist people professionally with their personal development.
I have completed my education as a professional Debt Relief Counselor as well as a professional Grief Counselor and worked with the local counsel. More recently I have completed my degree as Psycho Social Therapist as well as Relationship Therapist. Currently I am further deepening my knowledge and understanding through attending the Transaction Analyses Academy (European and International TA Association (EATA/ITAA).

Beside my private consultancy, I am active as Psycho Pastoral Relief Companion/ Consultant.

How do I work?

Looking, finding and asking for assistance is not easy. That is why we first make an informal appointment to explore your situation without obligations. We take our time. You share your story and together we define what you need and where you want to work on.
I will make you a proposal on how we could proceed: how many consults are recommended and what we are going to work on to start with. Based on mutual agreement we start the therapy/counseling.

My inspiration

I believe everyone can change provided you want to be assisted. This is not an automatic process without effort and without properly skilled support. But your joyful future is not dependant on circumstantial influences, but it is heavily subjective by the way we classify these circumstances. How do we define happiness, see ourselves, others and the world around us?

The first step of Change is to learn and see!
For example, this paining by Wilma Veen. A painting full of people. All of them with their own color and character, values and believes. One is more prominently in the fore as the other is more in the background. Everybody is allowed to be who he/she wants to be. Everyone is unique, is valuable despite of the rules and regulations that influences our existence but should not be allowed dominate and control it. In the painting this is reflected through the inclusion of paper sections of the Law. The Law paragraphs are softened by the rhythm of music, sense and emotion. There is space for both. It is important to balance the “What has to” with the “What can”.


In my work I experienced problems. The working atmosphere had become unbearable. I was expecting a burnout. Consulting sessions with Donja have assisted me to understand that I am a well appreciated employee. I have been employed for specific activities only and do not need take all company problems home.


Donja has assisted me very pleasant and professional in providing an overview of my financial situation. Just by making some simple adjustments, I am confident that I can maintain my financial expenditure including living expenses.


Before we started to seek Donja consultancy advice, I had given up my marriage. I had already completed my divorce papers. However, after the first consult, I recognized there is light at the end of the tunnel. We learned to re-explore each other again just like in the good years. The exercises truly assisted us


Donja has a very warm and friendly personality as well as a clear and pragmatic consultancy method that allows for deep and meaningful discussions that enables to identify and eliminate the root course of the issue. I finished my sessions early 2014. The obtained insights and learning’s remain to have a positive and lasting effect




Whatever you focus on you get more of it! So be commited to focusing on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want! (Dr Robi S.)

Are you in a position where you do not have enough money to cater for your financial expenditure? Does your financial position not allow you to pay for all those small but required extra’s that allow you to enjoying life to the full? Are you having large debts as a result of internet shopping? Is the value of your mortgage topping the value of your house? Are you receiving endless reminders on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? These are serious issues that need to be resolved.

What can I do for you?
With my back ground as Debt Relief Counselor, I can assist you in providing clarity in the chaos of bills, reminder and debts, through actively engaging your largest creditors or to making a plan that will enable you to create a healthy financial situation. Insights and oversight are the two most important instruments to address financial problems. That is why I would love to assist you in creating clarity in your administration, to create insight in your debts and together asses your income and expenditure profile. Do not delay, but allow me to assist you today. Start today with the solution.

Work is an important part of life. Work is not only a way to make money. It also provides levels of satisfaction, social contacts and a change to keep on developing yourself. At least, this is how it should be.
What if this is not the situation? What if you have more work then you can handle within your work week? What if you boss only pays attention to your mistakes? What if you are bullied and harassed by your colleagues? What if you failing to get this promotion you have been after for so long?

What can I do for you?
At that moment it is good to talk to someone about your situation and together establish how best to go about the circumstances and how you might be able to shift your situation.

Apprehension and fear are healthy natural reactions that protect you against danger around you. It can also start from within yourself, for example being afraid to be left alone or to fail in activities you are diligently undertaking, or to disappoint others. These fears are healthy and natural. On the contrary, fear and anxiety can also become very unhealthy. If you experience many of these apprehensive moments it might hamper your quality of life. These fears are neither healthy nor natural. It affects your daily rhythm, your work and your social life, the way to think and feel. It’s often your feeling of embarrassment that is making it very difficult to talk about it and/or your self confidence is rock bottom and you do not have a clue how to stop this.

What can I do for you?
We are jointly going to establish the characteristics of your fears and will together determine the root course(s). Specifically what you are frightened off and how you are showing your anxiety. Collectively we will discuss your experiences, your feelings, behavior and dependant on your circumstances we will discontinue certain practices.

What do you see when you watch in the mirror? Do you see someone that you like, appreciate and trust? Or do you see someone that only makes mistakes, is limited and is full of failures? You are not alone. Many people have difficulty to spot the good things in one self.

How is this possible?
There are various possible root causes: your upbringing, relationships, social issues or (resent) experiences. One thing is for sure, your self-esteem and self-confidence has started to develop at an early age. As a child we learned to ensure we catered for our basic needs: food, cloth and above all love, security and acceptance. When these basic needs were not (sufficiently) catered for, we have adopted ourselves to get what we so badly require.

As a child you do not have the ability of full self-reflection and quickly believe it’s you that is making the mistakes. This translates into feelings of fear, shame and sometimes even guild. You could potentially be carrying these feelings with you for the rest of your life, those that you cannot get ride off.

When you are confronted with a shocking experience, it can turn your life upside down. You could think about a sudden passing away off your father, mother, partner, child, friend or girlfriend, being confronted with a dreadful sickness or physical limitation, a broken marriage, a criminal offence or a traffic accident. These are all impactful occasions that have the potential to significantly shock your life and affect you emotional or physical well being. Fear, anger, shame, guild, lack of understanding can lead to hyperventilation, heart palpitation and abdominal pain. These emotions can very quickly replace each other and can be considered as very intense and razor-sharp and feel like they will never fade away.

How could you pick-up your activities and continue to life?
As professional Grieving Counselor, I know grieving processes are not straightforward. Often we chose to ignore and continue as per usual without giving ourselves the time to ask/acquire support. Hence, I do recommend you to not omit this step. Take your time. One of the ways to do this is to talk about it and create steadiness in your feelings. Take your time to grieve about your loved ones, to adopt your lifestyle to the new situation. I can support you to find a way out of this state of affairs.

“.. and they life happily married there after…”
This is how many fairy-tales end. What is often forgotten about is the “living together” is only just starting and is not always fairy-like. In every relationship there are moments of tension, irritation or quarrel, but you might think that this is more serve in yours: more quarrels, more tension and more problems. Quarrels about raising kids, proper proportion work versus free time, financial expenditure, how to split domestic tasks, about friends, sex, or …. It’s important not to ignore these problems, but to try to resolve them early on.

What can I do for you?
We could mutually establish where it all started, what the foundation was of your relationship, what was good and what did not work out. During this process, I will assist you to rediscover each other again and eventually learn to better understand one another, to start dating, and learn to improve communication. This is a difficult and very personal process, but certainly worth to work it in cooperation with you.


Contact information!

Praktijk Metanoia
Donja van’t Zet
Psychosocial Therapist
Vroonhoevelaan 21
2553 ET The Haque
+31 651 76 93 90


Intake 1 – 1 ½ hour – free
Therapy / consultancy sessions (1 hour) 50 euro including tax

Praktijk Metanoia has the following AGB-codes. (Consultancy code as well as the code required for your (Dutch) insurance company). Part of your Praktijk Metanoia Consultancy charges can be claimed on your policy. Please do check this with your Insurer. If you own your own company, the Consultancy charges can be charged to your profit and loss account. Employers are also often prepared to absorb (part of) the charges.
For people with budget limitations, I do have special rates. Please do contact me for these options.
Praktijk Metanoia is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) 60927607 and has a tax number.
Praktijk Metanoia is registered at the Dutch National Healthcare Federation [NFG] as well as the Foundation of Registered Consultants for Additional Healthcare (SRBAG-registration)

Once we have arranged an appointment by phone or email you receive a confirmation by email. In our intake we will discuss your goals and expectations as well as your doubts and fear about the process. This appointment will assist you decide whether I am the right consultant for you. Please note that I have a 24 hours cancelation policy, this implies I have to charge the session if you cancel later than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

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